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I recently gave advice on Asian age. If you read that, don’t get me wrong. Young Asian bar girls may also be tremendously good fucks. (But picking the experienced ones does raise the chance for a mind-blowing fuck!). Suri hasn’t been in the business for long. She moved to Angeles City a little while ago just Read more about Flatchested LBFM Suri Exposing Perfect Asian Ass[…]

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Not a Stunner, But A Perfect Fuck!

Whenever you crave for a wet pussy while in Asia, why be narrowminded and look at the younger babes? On here has passed her prime-time as a hottie. (Still hot though). But when she strolls up to you in the bar she’s currently working,  you shouldn’t turn your head elsewhere. She’s a damn good fuck, Read more about Not a Stunner, But A Perfect Fuck![…]

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Asian girls doesn’t seem to enjoy a proper facial as much as the western ones. (Except for the Japanese girls 🙂 ). So it can be rare to find them. Asian porn often ends in a creampie (not that there’s anything wrong with that). This blog is dedicated to Asian facials, both of those who Read more about Filipina Girls Takes Facial Loads[…]