Sexually Understimulated Japanese Get Access To Two Dicks

Suzu Ichinose is a recent debutant in Japanese Porn. She married way to early. As it often is, her husband is all about the career. So she was bored, endlessly wandering around their big house. (He’s already successful, so she does *not* do this for money!) Even her favorite hobbies, Sewing and cooking, became a bore after becoming a part of her daily routine. But most of all, her craving and itching pussy didn’t get enough to be satisfied.

Japanese sex

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While making the beds one day, she discovered her husband had forgot a dirty magazine on the night-stand. Wondering why he kept such arousing stuff to himself she started to finger her already dripping pussy while reading. After a few pages of reading, her eyes was drawn towards a tiny little ad. Would she like to earn a little extra? To be honest, no. Her successful husband is providing enough income for the household. But the forecast of maybe getting some extra dicks? That turned her on. 

And that’s exactly what you get here. This is her debut as a Japanese porn-actress. Eagerly she gets down on her knees and starts sucking cocks. In their own living-room, actually. This was supposed to be a casting video, but it turned out so good it was released. Suzu Ichinose also continues as a performer. Has she told her husband? I seriously don’t know. But I know her Japanese cunt ain’t itching as much as before. 



Japanese sex

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