Flatchested LBFM Suri Exposing Perfect Asian Ass

I recently gave advice on Asian age. If you read that, don’t get me wrong. Young Asian bar girls may also be tremendously good fucks. (But picking the experienced ones does raise the chance for a mind-blowing fuck!). Suri hasn’t been in the business for long. She moved to Angeles City a little while ago just after having turned 20. She told our tourist-monger, who shot these pictures, how surprised she was when finding out how much she enjoyed serving big white cocks!


As you can she, she’s into fashion and one secure way to ensure the best sex is to shower the girls with presents. Take them to the mall and shop a little. Stuff costs virtually nothing over here, so it’s a cheap and safe investment. John sure did so and Suri just would not take of her new fancy sunglasses. He didn’t even get to the point of hinting about sex. Back at the hotel-room she was all over him. And as you can see, she didn’t mind taking a facial for us to enjoy, either. That smile says it all, doesn’t it?

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