Kotomi Shinosaki Perfecting The Art Of Dripping Faces

The art of taking a good facial have been perfected by sperm-eager women for decades now. Many Asian girls though doesn’t seem to enjoy it as much. (Maybe the spicy food makes it taste bad?). This does not apply to Japanese sluts though. No female on this earth knows the facial-art as good as Japanese women. My favorite porn-site on the subject proves this.

Kotomi Shinosaki is a well known japanese Pornstar. (She turns 23 on June 7th by the way). One of her specialties is receiving cum. In an interview I read (but forgot to bookmark for linking) she claimed this to be a favorite part of her profession. Sitting on her knees while rubbing her worn-out pussy (after being thoroughly fucked) receiving blast after blast just makes a good dessert! It’s a cliché, I know. But it seems to be true. I guess maybe this is why I love this webpage. It seems so genuine and true. Girls like Kotomi just can’t get enough and that makes it a joy to watch


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