Filipina Girls Takes Facial Loads

Asian girls doesn’t seem to enjoy a proper facial as much as the western ones. (Except for the Japanese girls 🙂 ).
So it can be rare to find them. Asian porn often ends in a creampie (not that there’s anything wrong with that).
This blog is dedicated to Asian facials, both of those who likes them and of those who hesitates a bit when the load cums.
I’ll start with my favorite Filipina site, Trike Patrol. Cumshots are usually an important thing in the porn found there and you’ll also find some really, really good facials. Just take a look at the examples below!

Trike Girls Taking Facial Jizz LoadTrike Girls Taking Facial Jizz LoadClick Here for Quality Filipina Porn
Including Facials!
Trike Girls Taking Facial Jizz Load

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